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Mi Mi Botanics

During 2020, what started off as a hobby, quickly developed into Mi Mi Botanics. Since day one, we knew that we wanted to try and run our business without having a negative impact on eco-systems so have tried to source materials which are the most ethical, zero waste and eco friendly materials that we can.  Our candles and melts are hand poured using a plant based blend of wax.


Our coconut and rapeseed wax is sourced responsibly to avoid risk of deforestation caused by other types of wax such as soy. The rapeseed oil is harvested in Europe, whilst most of the coconut comes from small-hold farmers in the Philippines and Indonesia. There is no forest removal in order to plant new coconut trees and all farming contracts are closely monitored in that regard by our supplier. 

At Mi Mi Botanics we ensure our products are recyclable, vegan friendly, paraben free and no product sold by us has been tested on animals. We are just starting out, and learning as we go, our passion for excellence continues to drive us to find new products we think you will like so watch this space! We are also fully insured and CLP compliant. To find out more, take a look at our website, Instagram or email us! We look forward to working with all our customers!

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