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To start the MiMi Botanics monthly charity project, I have picked an amazing small charity called Hope in Action. Hope in Action work in the South of Albania and are committed to helping the poor and marginalised, the hungry, children with disabilities and those with minimal opportunities and limited access to health care and education. We want to stand with them in their struggle against discrimination to help restore self-worth and help break the cycle of poverty.

In September 2019, I had the opportunity to volunteer on a trip out to Albania, to experience the life out there and film a documentary for the charity. It was hands down the most eye-opening experience of my entire life. The country is beautiful. The people are some of the most loving and generous people I have ever met, yet they have so little. 

Children with additional needs are often kept within the home as there is still a stigma attached within society. There are few facilities and little provision or help for these families.  A family may decide it is easier and less painful just to stay at home. As word spreads of some help being available, we are seeing increasing numbers of these ‘hidden’ children emerging. Whilst in Albania, I met a number of these children and the work Hope in Action do for them is truly inspiring. 


In the current climate with Covid-19, matters have become urgent. The volunteers have not been able to go out to Albania for over a year and they are receiving weekly updates of a worsening situation. Covid numbers are increasing and hospitals are overwhelmed with patients stuck in corridors, and with limited oxygen supplies. In their most recent update, all they asked was for  was money for bread. Many of the locals make their money through tourism, selling bags of popcorn or sunflower seeds on the streets and maintaining market stalls to provide for the family they go home to. With travel banned this past year due to the Coronavirus, there have been few tourists, and they have lost their sole source of income. 



Whilst I was in Albania, we did a food shop for a family of 7. For a week’s worth of basic food, it cost £11. Something as simple as this can make a huge difference. I have included a direct link to the donation page if you wish to make a personal donation. They also have different donation programmes. For example, the LOAF programme. This provides sufficient income for a family to buy 2 loaves of bread per day or the ingredients to make bread e.g. sacks of flour, oil etc 

2 loaves per family daily = £40 per month


Hope today… for a better tomorrow.

WHAT mimi's IS DOING...

Making Hope in Action the charity of the month, means we will be donating a percentage of our profits to them. When making a purchase of any MiMi Botanics products you will automatically be donating a small amount to our charity of the month. We also aim to raise awareness of these charities, so that if you want to continue to support them and follow their work after reading the blog posts, their message will spread. Homeware that makes a difference.

Blog Post by: Holly Leece || MiMi Botanics

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